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YuantongYazhu Student Dormitory

Regulations & Download


Please sign "Yuantongyazhu dorm Rental Agreement" pages 1, 10, 11, and 12 personally. Submit this lease agreement, signed by you personally, on the move-in date.

For all Yuantongyazhu dorm maintenance-related issues, please register at the registration counter in lobby, the dormitory management will then arrange for maintenance personnel to proceed to the respective dormitory for repairs.

Garbage must be disposed of in the designated pink trash bags provided by New Taipei City, which can be purchased at convenience stores within the city.

1.Yuantongyazhu dorm Rental Agreement_2023.11.8

2.Yuantong Yazhu dormitory building management regulations_2023.11.8

3.YuantongYazhu dormitory building Personal Data Consent Form_2023.11.8

4.YuantongYazhu dormitory building Internet Resource Usage Declaration_2023.11.8

5.Yuantongyazhu dorm for Seniors_Sign required before moving in

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