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Living Stipend

Living stipend is deposited into students' postal accounts by the General Affairs Department's cashier unit before the 10th of each month, with early deposits on holidays.

  • For students vacating the first dormitory at NTUST, a deposit of 800 NTD is refunded along with the living stipend for January of that academic year. 
  • Note: If the dormitory room is not restored to its original condition, deductions will be made accordingly.
  • Transportation subsidies of 1200 NTD are disbursed monthly from February to July of the senior year, synchronized with the monthly living allowance.
  • The application fee for extending the residence permit for senior students is 1000 NTD, refunded along with the living stipend in February of the academic year.
  • For short-term leaves or trips abroad within 15 days, no deduction will be made from the living stipend. If the absence exceeds 15 days, a deduction of 400 NTD per day will apply. If the absence exceeds 30 days, a deduction will be made for the entire month. 
  • Note: Deductions apply for months with extended stays abroad.

Leave and Short-term Stay Abroad Living Allowance Disbursement Regulations  2023.12.14

For UPTP students in Taiwan, the living stipend is NT$12,000 per month.

1. Leave during winter or summer vacation, or short-term stay abroad will be calculated based on the number of days spent abroad (cumulative days for multiple departures).
2. For cumulative days abroad within 15 days, including the 15th day, the full monthly living stipend will be disbursed.
3. For cumulative days abroad from the 16th day to the 29th day, a daily deduction of NT$400 will be applied to the living stipend.
4. Starting from the 30th day of cumulative days abroad, the entire monthly allowance of NT$12,000 will be deducted (deducting from the month with more days spent abroad).
Note: Both the departure day and the return day are included in the cumulative days.

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