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Student Academic Affairs

Regarding "Elective Courses" for UPTP Students at NTUST 

1. For UPTP junior and senior students at NTUST, the Office of Planning directly submits a written request to the Computer Center to import the list of required and elective courses along with the student names into the course selection system.
2. The required and elective courses for UPTP junior students at NTUST have already occupied most of their schedule. According to the International Affairs Office, UPTP junior students typically have limited availability for additional elective courses. If they wish to take elective courses, they need to use the student information system after the semester begins to select courses online.
   [Link: https://www.ntust.edu.tw/p/404-1000-69993.php?Lang=en]

Restrictions for Elective Courses:
1. Courses must be conducted entirely in English.
2. Only elective courses from the College of Engineering, College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and College of Management are eligible for selection.
3. Only undergraduate elective courses are available for selection (not eligible for courses from the Triple Alliance or graduate courses).
4. Students must independently contact Paraguay UPTP to inquire whether additional elective credits are recognized.
5. Students must independently contact the instructors of elective courses to obtain course authorization codes before selecting courses through the course selection system.

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